We love a challenge

At Desired Designs, we enjoy working on a wide range of projects from residential to commercial. The process is just as important to us as the final product. Below are a sample of projects from our portfolio.  We hope you enjoy seeing the process photos as well. 

Historic renovations require being consistent with the time period, yet creating a fresh updated aesthetic. Custom mill work and woodworking were key in this renovation.

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Optimizing space increases functionality. The client's tea pot collection was put on display and integrated into the design. Opening up the segmented floor plan, made this kitchen open and airy.

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Modern Bathroom renovations create classic and clean design aesthetics. 

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A basement renovation to finish an unfinished basement.  We completed the space plan and reflected ceiling plan for the project and then proceeded to select furniture and finishes to complete the project.

Transforming a space does not always require construction! The family room project

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A living room renovation including selection of finishes, furniture and window treatments. Creating an effective space plan and organization was key for this project.

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A complete renovation of this dining room and living room.

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