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Ethnic Infusions

After celebrating Black History Month and all the exciting cultural events taking place, it seems fitting to discuss some great ways to incorporate ethnic patterns, prints and decor into the spaces we work, live and play. Often when discussing ethnic decor, people either love it or stray away from it because of it's strong and bold presence. There are many ways to incorporate the lovely textures, bold patterns and cultural flair of ethnic decor; it brings life and energy to a space!

Bringing in different cultural decor can be the shake up that a space needs when it feels mundane and lifeless, especially in the cold months of winter. Layering of African prints, Persian rugs and Arabic tapestries can create dynamic artwork and pieces of intrigue in our typically neutral canvases.

Another great aspect of cultural decor in interiors, is the innate handmade quality to most pieces. Ethnic decor by nature is typically hand-stitched, hand-sown or crafted by artisans. Craftsmanship is a key components that sets this decor apart from most others. The care that is taken to craft each piece of fabric, pottery or furniture adds to the beauty and uniqueness of each piece.

Last, but not least, the rich history of cultural and ethnic decor adds to the story of your space. When you incorporate beautiful ethnic decor from different cultures into a space, the story of the objects now become a part of the story of your space. The process in which the decor was crafted, the life of the artisan and the beauty of the final piece, now enrich your life and the lives of everyone that engages the space. Who can resist that?

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