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Personalize It Yourself (PIY)

It’s about that time of year when the leaves start to change color and sweaters become our best friends. Homes and workplaces start reflecting the change in season and holidays through the use of themed décor. It can get pricey to buy all the pieces you would like to transform your space for the season, so here are a few tips and tricks on how to bring the outdoor in for any space.

We are going to help you bring the “outdoors in” literally! Some of our tips involve using the natural elements you would find outside during the fall season to make creative and clean décor pieces.

Use natural elements

· Branches for custom wall hooks: Pick up a few thick branch pieces, clean and cut them up to hang on your wall. Use them as hangers for coats and keys which is the perfect way to add a bit of nature inside.

· Dry leaves framed: The colored leaves look amazing this time of year and they come in many unique shapes and sizes. Picking up a few and framing them between sheets of glass creates perfect, minimal seasonal décor for your wall or shelf.

· Branches for lighting accent: Find a large thick branch to hang on a wall or hang candle jars off of them from the ceiling. This will help add a simple rustic touch to your space.

Use things in unusual ways

Here are a few ideas on how to use everyday pieces you would find in your home in unusual ways:

· Use seasonal blankets as table covers when not in use: Include throw blankets and use them on tabletops under your seasonal tablescape.

· Use antique or old jars as vases for flowers: Using antique jars or dessert trays to hold flowers or other items rather than food. This creates a new look for seasonal items without breaking the bank.

· Throw blankets onto dining chairs or stools

· Use throw pillows for dining chairs or floor décor around a fireplace: Use throw pillows on a dining chair instead of the common home of the couch.

· Antique plates as wall art (hang different shapes and sizes): This adds character and a bit of warmth to your space, which can also be seasonal.

· Use cake display/stand to display plants, fruits, gourds or pumpkins

· Use baskets to hold sticks and twigs

COVID-19 approved office décor

· Hang a fall leaf divider to guide the circulation: For décor pieces that can be used specifically in commercial spaces you could hang strings of fall leaves on either side of a path to help guide people in which direction to go.

· Branches to create separation walls: COVID-19 has created a need for separation walls around most areas in commercial spaces. Use large sticks and branches to create a separation wall.

· Seasonal patterned chair and divider covers for ease of removal and washing: Another tip for COVID is create slip on fabric for chairs using fall patterns that can be removed and washed to help keep everything sanitized and clean.

This month we are going to be exploring practical ways to personalize your space for the season. This month we are putting our own take on DIY, but we are calling it PIY, Personalize it Yourself! Check out our IG LIVE videos every Wednesday at 6PM EST for practical tips for the week. We will also be showing some spaces that utilize the personalized design tips we discussed above on Instagram and Facebook.


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