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Desired Designs seeks to be a client-focused collaborative interior studio providing custom designs that transform commercial and residential spaces. Engaging with over 100 community and industry partners to provide a strategic approach to lifelong design solutions affecting audiences all over Northeast Ohio. We aim to design spaces that elevate, educate, and enhance the quality of life. As a minority owned firm, Desired Designs is committed to being a source of inspiration and pipeline for minority women wanting to succeed in the design profession.

Jakecia C. Durham

Owner and Principal Designer

Jakecia C. Durham , NCIDQ, IIDA, LEED AP ID&C, is owner, founder, and Principal Designer of Desired Designs. Jakecia is an NCIDQ certified designer who received her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design at the University of Cincinnati. She continued her design education to complete a Master of Arts in Visual Communication Design, concentrating her studies in Branding Environments and Design Presentation. She brings not only an academic background to her practice but also a wealth of experience in the field as a designer and educator. Jakecia enjoys designing both residential and commercial spaces. Her personal design passion is working with small business owners and on small commercial projects. She has worked over 10 years in design education having taught at Cuyahoga Community College and currently at Kent State University.

In Jakecia's free time she enjoys spending time with her husband and three children. If she wasn't a designer, she would be a ceramic artist. "I love ceramics!" Travel is her favorite source of inspiration. "Traveling brings so much exposure to a variety of cultures and environments."


Fun fact about Jakecia: She completed a half-marathon

Favorite Emoji: Raised hands emoji

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Khamia Montgomery

Design Assistant

Khamia is a Design Assistant at Desired Designs. She attended Cuyahoga Community College and majored in Interior Design. She received her Associates of Applied Business in 2022. Khamia chose to pursue interior design because she always enjoyed redecorating and remodeling rooms in her childhood home. Her creative eye continued to grow and brought her to this line of work . Khamia’s heart lives with residential design  and  her passion place resides with bathroom renovations. Khamia thrives in putting together design boards and making selections for projects.

During Khamia’s free time, she loves to be at HomeGoods, spending time with her family, or playing sims on her desktop. If Khamia was not in the design industry, she'd be a Doula. Her favorite source of inspiration is Pinterest, Instagram, or Architectural Digest.


Fun fact about Khamia: In High School, Khamia, was a gospel singer and youth choir director.

Favorite Emoji: Happy crying

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Amarri Brown

Design Assistant

Amarri Brown is a design assistant at Desired Designs. She attended Tuskegee University for her Bachelor's of Architecture degree. She graduated in the spring of 2022 with a desire to specialize in interiors. Growing up with family in the construction field broadened her knowledge and interest in design. While always having a passion for architectural design, her interests have also advanced towards interior processes. Her area of interest and passion in design has always been witnessing the full design process from conceptual ideas to final construction. Amarri thrives in pulling together a design project with design boards and selections. She also takes projects to the next levels with our three-dimensional renderings and visualization.

In her free time, Amarri loves to practice yoga, spend time with her loved ones, and explore cultural and art scenes when traveling for experience and inspiration. If it had not been for her love of design, writing novels would be another interest she'd love to pursue.

Fun fact about Amarri: Amarri loves to bring her design ideas to life through building on the Sims game.

Favorite Emoji: heart hands emoji.

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Imani Young

Project Designer

Imani Young is a Project Designer at Desired Designs, LLC. She attended Andrews University for her Bachelor of Science in Architecture where she graduated in 2018. Since graduation, she has worked for numerous companies including DS Architecture LLC, Regency Construction Services, Inc., and The Albert M. Higley Company. Growing up, she was inspired by her dad and his adept skills in carpentry as well as construction sites throughout Cleveland, Ohio, her hometown. She has always had a passion for design, but realized that she is very attentive to detail. She is currently pursuing a certificate in Graphic Design at Cuyahoga Community College. From there, she will decide if she wants to go to graduate school for her master's degree in Architecture or take a diiferent path. She likes to see projects go from initial concept to construction. Most of all, Imani, loves to go to consruction sites and witness the magic of tradesman working together and problem solving.

In her free time, she likes to read books, mostly nonfiction self help books. She loves spending time with her mom and sister, traveling to different places to expand her perspectives, and learning Korean. She enjoys drawing, painting watercolors, dancing and learning new choreography on YouTube. If her love for design was not existent, she would be an artist and own a gallery. Her source of inspiration comes from Pinterest, YouTube, and traveling. A fun fact about Imani is that she has traveled to 6 countries: Greece, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, and Jordan. Her favorite emoji is the laughing out loud while crying emoji.

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Madeline Moriarty

Office and Media Manager

Madeline is the Office and Media Manager at Desired Designs. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Art History from Ohio University, with a rich background working within the Cleveland arts community. With six years of experience managing artists, art galleries and exhibitions, she brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the Desired Designs team. In her current role, Madeline efficiently manages our office operations, highlighting her skill in client project management, staff supervision, and the development of innovative initiatives. Madeline's social media expertise magnifies our brand's visibility, captivating our clients and followers. Her lifelong passion for the arts extends to a love for interior spaces, seamlessly aligning with Desired Designs' mission.

Madeline is a creative soul with a wide range of interests, including painting, knitting, ceramics, and more. She's passionate about art and seeks to make a positive impact in people's lives, whether through art, design, or other avenues.Madeline is a dedicated Pinterest enthusiast, using the platform to discover new ideas, trends, and design concepts that fuel her creativity. Fun Fact: Madeline has celiac disease, which inspired her to co-found an allergen-friendly home bakery. Most used emoji: Partying face emoji

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