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Use what you got!

When you think about organizing it can sometimes be a daunting task. Whether it is the pile of papers that has been accumulating on your desk at work or the junk drawers throughout your home that never seem to end.

Enclosure is the key to getting rid of a cluttered looking space. Hide away the things that do not need to be exposed. When you finally get fed up with all of the clutter, you typically don’t want to spend the pretty penny that organizational systems can cost. So start with what you have! I can bet that you have at least 5 shoeboxes in some of your closets. You can use shoeboxes to start the organizing process. Sort through your clutter in small amounts and use shoeboxes to do it. You can place them on a small shelf and let the process unfold. This beginning will give you a good idea to what will work for you and then if you need to invest in a more pricey system you will be more confident in the decision to do so.

You can also use the shoebox tops as artwork! Finding great patterns on craft paper can add more personality to your shoeboxes. Shoeboxes, spray paint and tape are all you need to begin your trek to a clutter free world.

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