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Comfort and Style

Do we really have to choose between comfort and style or can we have both? When we think about comfort, we think about the things that make us feel warm and cozy on the inside; cherished memories or peaceful moments. To some, comfort could be in a cheesy bowl of macaroni and cheese, while to others it could be drinking a warm mug of hot chocolate, fireside, wrapped in layers of cotton blankets.

Style typically on the other hand is thought to be the luxurious things in life and the high-end delicacies that we often like to treat ourselves to. Style is in the gorgeous pair of Jimmy Choo shoes that you splurged on since you found an amazing deal on the little black dress for your dinner date tonight. Let’s be honest, style is even more pleasurable when we find that amazing handbag for 70% off the original price.

When it comes to the interiors that we spend almost 90% of our time, we feel as if we have to choose between STYLE and COMFORT. Not True! Comfort can be found in the plethora of textures that are offered for every surface in your home and living spaces. The touch of warm wool and nylon blends on your carpet to the knots in the wood of your favorite armoire. Comfort is in the array of textures you use in your home. Mix up the textures and you can maximize the comfort.

Style is easy to accomplish! Find those amazing patterns and bold colors. The bold color of a radiant orchid throw weaved with a boucle yarn create an eye catching snuggle piece. Pairing texture with vivid markings can make for an unbelievable interior that allows for comfort but creates an incredible edge to your own unique style!

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