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Beautiful Surprise

​One thing that I love dearly about design is that it is always changing! Coming from a woman that has often struggled with change, this puzzled me when I finally came to the realization that I loved this aspect about design. It is a fact that the reason design is always fresh and inspiring is because it is always changing. It does not necessarily mean that the changes that are taking place are new. As the old saying goes, there is nothing new under the sun, this rings true in design as well. The beauty of this fact is that it leaves an infinite world of options for designers. Critical thinking and creativity come into play when we are able to design spaces where people work and live, that not only fit their functional needs, but also inspire them to be great. The other day I was sharing with a colleague that one of the things that I love about design is figuring out the puzzle; how do all the pieces work together? Every season something new is trending or more relevant to the industry; colors, styles and materials all come and go. A good designer can work with the changing aspects of design, but manage to maintain a stable and functional design that continues to give life to its users. Most people have come to expect certain materials used in a certain context. When we see wood on the floor or ceramic tiles in a shower, that is no shock to us but considered the standard. The eye and senses can be quite stimulated when we see materials used out of context in an interior application. Using common materials in unusual places is a key that I have found to keep spaces fresh and interesting. Often times, especially in commercial work, designs can become routine and redundant. It’s like the never-ending check list of materials that work or fit for the function of the space, but sometimes we can sneak in unexpected surprises that make your heart warm. This month follow me on social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) as I post some amazing examples of spaces that exemplify the sense of surprise and interest that we all desire in spaces with the use of common materials in some not so common places.

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