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Springing Back

April is a time of new growth and renewal after a long harsh winter....well, at least in Cleveland, OH. A refreshing aspect of the spring season is the new start and fresh beginning. Plants and foliage are beginning to germinate and bring life in the spring. April is a month for planting seeds to reap beautiful gardens and green scapes in the coming months. In this month's posts, we will discuss great ways to spring back into interiors that incorporate the green essence of this season; PLANT LIFE! Whether they are real plants or artificial plants (for all the non-green thumb people) they add life to a space that is critical during the spring months of the year.

The whimsy that plant life adds to an interior space is a needed breath of fresh air. No pun intended :). The diversity in types of plants, size of plants and color of plants gives a plethora of options in adding life to a space. Living walls are no longer just a way to make a commercial building more "green" or "sustainable"; living walls are evolving and taking a place in residential applications as well. As a LEED accredited professional, communicating the value and importance of plant life in interior spaces to our clients is always key. There are numerous health benefits and increased productivity that have been proven in studies over the years. The information that we have today about live greenery in your home and office add to the list of why everyone should integrate them more into the design of the places we work, live and play. We will be discussing those fascinating and creative facts more this month.

An great example to start off this topic is in the heart of the downtown Cleveland landscape, the Hilton Cleveland Downtown Hotel. This building is a LEED Silver Certified project designed by Atlanta based architecture firm, Copper Carry. The overall design integrates smart thermometers and occupancy sensors to detect when people are in the room for better energy efficiency. The lobby was designed with a green moss panel wall feature behind the reception desk. This two story plant life integration brings a pop of color and life to this modern design in the cityscape of Cleveland.

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