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Clean Sweep

It’s that time of year again when most people start coming out of their winter hibernation (well at least in northeast ohio) and start preparations for the spring? Most times when you think of spring a fresh start comes to mind. Fresh air, fresh smells and fresh scenery. Getting yourself organized for a new season is daunting to some, but energizing for others. We are dedicating this design discussion to help you in your clean sweep efforts.

Organization looks different for everyone. When most of us think of organizing we immediately visualize containers and labels and lids…OH MY! Organization doesn’t have to look the exact same, it won’t look the exact same. Everyone’s mind works differently and so how you organize your life for the most efficiency will look differently also. A great example is how one might approach organizing their bookshelf. Some might want it to be visually pleasing and arrange all the books by color. Some might want to know where to look for the book by author and arrange it alphabetically. No one way is correct, but you find the organization system that works for you.

Below are a couple different ways to tackle organization:

Concealed storage – There are so many opportunities to conceal the items you do not want people to see. In order for it to be organized in that space make sure it is smaller in size or has compartments, so that it doesn’t become a dumping ground. Moving your spice rack from the countertop to inside a pullout drawer allows for concealed organization that is just as accessible.

Odd Spaces – Have limited floor space? Make use of odd spaces that are often left unused. No space for a mudroom or coat closet, use some of that unused stair space. Do you have that awkward space under the stairs? Make use of it and organize items that make sense in that space for your needs.

Multi-purpose furniture - Utilizing a platform bed with drawers underneath in a bedroom would be a great example of this. You can use the drawers to store sheets and extra blankets and you are not adding another furniture piece to the space. Storage coffee tables and ottomans are also great!

Display – Do you collect items that are taking up a lot of space? A great way to organize items that can be seen as collection is to put them on display. Even if you use them often, they will still have a home and still look great!

If you are interested in some help in your clean sweep adventures, take a look at our Look of the Month for April! Add the shopping list to your cart here.

This month we are going to explore how to tackle some spring organization. Check out our IG LIVE videos every Wednesday at 6PM EST for practical tips for the week. We will also be showing some design tips we discussed above on Instagram and Facebook.


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