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Reduce, Reclaim, Recycle

When most of us shop and look for furniture, the dominant shopping factor is aesthetics. Does it fit with the style of the space? Do the colors work? Is it comfortable? Aesthetics, the look of the furniture is very important. Yet aesthetics is only one item on your check list for looking into furniture for your home, office or boutique. In the same way that you read the ingredients for the food you buy, you need to know the “ingredients” of the furniture you buy. Who knew, right? Looking at what makes up your furniture is just as important as how it looks. Aesthetics and function are critical, but we are going to help you understand and be on the lookout for the bigger picture of the furniture that occupies your space.

What should be on your check list of items to look for? I am glad you asked. We have a check list of items to look for that will get you started on the journey. Looking at the life cycle of your furniture will help you to understand its full impact globally and in your specific interior.

· Raw materials – What goes into making your furniture piece? What are the raw materials? Is the wood sourced from places that forested responsibly? Are there harmful or toxic materials and adhesives in the construction of the furniture, such as formaldehydes?

· Production – How is it manufactured or produced? Heavy machinery? Excessive natural resources, such as gas or coal used? Local production or overseas?

· Transport – Are the materials and manufacturer close to your area? Locally sourced furniture and materials require less transportation and has less impact on the environment.

· Use – Will this piece of furniture have longevity in your home, office or boutique or will it need to be replaced in less than 5 years? Furniture that can be used in a more versatile fashion will serve you better and have more longevity in it’s use before needing to be replaced or recycled.

· Maintenance – Does this furniture piece require heavy maintenance? Will it need to be cleaned and maintained regularly or is it low maintenance? Does it require harsh and harmful chemicals in the cleaning process?

· Waste/Recycling – Can this furniture piece be reused or dismantled and used for something new? Can this furniture

These are important things to know about the furniture that you are purchasing. It affects the health of the people using the space and the money you will continue to invest in the furniture itself. The next time you are shopping for furniture for your spaces, keep this check list in mind. Ask the right questions and know how your furniture is contributing to the health and wellness of your space.

If you are interested in furniture and décor that check off the boxes on this list, take a look at our Look of the Month for February! Add the shopping list to your cart here.

This month we are going to explore how to better understand all the items on the furniture selection checklist. Check out our IG LIVE videos every Wednesday at 6PM EST for practical tips for the week. We will also be showing some design tips we discussed above on Instagram and Facebook.


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