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Social but distant

The holiday season is in full swing! During a time when we are typically brainstorming meals and gatherings, there is so much more that we have to take into consideration. Safety and socialization have never been so much at odds. Whether you have decided to pursue small gatherings or keep things virtual, we are here to help you make the best of all situations. We've got you covered! It is always important to consider and incorporate safety measures in your homes before inviting others into your space. It’s been a few months since many have seen extended family. With a few design tips, you can be sure to host the perfect holiday gathering for you and your loved ones, whether together at a distance.

· Modular Seating- One of the greatest ways to maintain physical distancing during a holiday gathering is to incorporate modular seating within your gathering spaces. You can separate a modular sectional to create spatial boundaries. Different room layouts can promote socialization, but give safe distances. We have provided some layout options in our Look of the month for November.

· Zoom Gatherings- If you think that a large family gathering and traveling is still unsafe, projecting Zoom on your TV screen or wall space through a small projector is the way to go! Decide on a time and set up your projector in the living or dining room. While it may not feel the same as gathering in-person, it is still an option to share a meal virtually. A zoom thanksgiving may even sound a little better than having to deal with the stress that the event preparations bring.

· Decorative Dividers - Dividing open spaces are a quick solution to physical distancing. Without totally dividing the space, think about incorporating some partitions you can see through. This way, you are able to see what’s going on beyond the partition and feel connected with your loved ones.

· Smaller Seating Arrangements - Smaller gatherings can provide the connection you desire and minimize the worry of over exposure of larger gatherings. If your guest list is somewhat large, incorporate small tables in your indoor or outdoor space to further promote physical distancing. Seating guests in smaller groups or table settings of 4 of less in a space cuts down on contact over exposure. Let's just say we are thinking of the holidays in cohorts for this option!

· Claim for seat - Cater to your loved ones by ensuring the safety of each and every one of them. Place cards with names are functional, beautiful, and a great way to designate guests to a certain seating arrangement without getting them mixed up in other places. You can even personalize each card according to the guest and add creative touches like utilizing unexpected materials, colors, or going by nicknames on the cards. Choosing to cater your meal can also ease any worries associated with food or the typical holiday potluck.

· Preparations for sanitation -Utilize beautiful glass containers filled with personal items like utensils and napkins for your guests to keep up with throughout the event to minimize contamination. Prepare pre-packaged catered meals in individual servings with pre-packed utensils and needed items for their visit. This way you and your guests have all they need without having several people touch food and dinner utensils. Place these on your table scape along with each persons’ place card in their respective seats. With this option you have a built in keepsake and allow your loved ones to feel welcomed in your space while practicing safe precautions.

Nothing can take the place of the experience of our traditional gatherings, but we can think about the creative ways to connect! If you are looking for the items to help you make these gathering options a reality, our Look of the Month for November will get you started! Add the shopping list to your cart here.

This month we are going to explore practical ways to think about how to approach the holidays and gatherings in your home, whether they will be virtually or in-person. Check out our IG LIVE videos every Wednesday at 6PM EST for practical tips for the week. We will also be showing some spaces that utilize the gathering design tips we discussed above on Instagram and Facebook.


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