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Eclectic Summer Refresh

The weather is finally starting to break! The radiance of sunshine in Northeast Ohio is something that everyone has long awaited. With the vibrant golden rays and warming temperatures, we can now prepare for fun in the sun! It’s time to spend every waking hour in the great outdoors and enjoy the fresh air, warm beams on our skin and the wonderful world around us. Preparing your life for the warmer weather is a joy, but can often be a hassle. In a buying market that is oversaturated with products, it can be tough to make decisions on how to get your space ready for summer fun, outdoor gatherings and company picnics. By default, we stick with collections of furniture and pre-made options created by retailers. This look is definitely curated and easy for your convenience, but a buying route that can be boring quite frankly. You want a space that looks put together, but not a mundane collection that looks pre-packaged. Buying the newest collection of items doesn’t allow for an aesthetic that looks designed and acquired overtime.

In May, we are going to show you some great ways and tips to step up your selection game in preparation for warmer weather. Put those all-in-one collections aside and start looking for the ways that help tie well designed spaces together. You are getting inside designer tips this month! It can be summed up in one simple equation…. UNITY + VARIETY = HARMONY!!

You will never have to buy a pre-made collection again if you keep this rule at heart. A variety of elements are needed in the space such as different textures, shapes, etc. This allows your eye to be stimulated in the space, because it’s not seeing the same thing in the entire space. Unifying elements balance out the variety in the space such as a similar color or materials used. It truly is a science, but is easier than you think. With our help, we are going to show some great examples of how to put together a tasteful eclectic space that you can enjoy all summer long. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!!

CLICK HERE to receive a FREE DESIGN DOWNLOAD!!! We are providing all of our followers with a free design mood board of our favorite items from top retailers to get a jump start on your summer refresh purchases! From your outdoor home oasis to small bistros looking to refresh their patio aesthetic!

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