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4 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Space

While generic styles have their place, nothing turns an office or home into a welcoming environment quite like a personal touch. Personalizing a space helps tell people more about the people who live or work there, and also helps those using the space to feel more at home.

Whether you are trying to improve the performance of your employees or simply make a house feel like a home, these tips can help.

1. Create a Mood Board

A mood board can help you narrow down your focus on what options you should have for your space. If you want to help boost employee energy for example, you’ll want to avoid grays that may lower your employee’s mood.

Mood boards can also help you coordinate furniture or decor, even if they don’t come from a specific set.

2. Green it up

Live plants are both beautiful to look at and pleasing to the senses in other ways. Study after study has shown that live plants reduce stress and increase productivity. If you’re trying to make your living space feel more comfortable, plants are a great place to enhance living rooms, bedrooms, and other areas meant for relaxation.

If you don’t want to have potted plants to care for, cut flowers can also be a nice natural addition in its place. These need less care than potted plants, but will need to be regularly replaced.

3. Add Artwork

Artwork is a wonderful way to personalize a space. The right piece of artwork can help give your employees talking points, break the ice at a family get together, or simply help you relax. Regardless of whether it is at home or at work, enriched spaces make people feel happier and more comfortable being there.

Artwork can be a great way to enrich those spaces and turn them into pleasant places to thrive in.

4. Make a Statement of the Mundane

A neat trick you can use to help add a personal touch to any space is to take a mundane object and find a way to turn it into a statement piece. Instead of throwing out all your old furniture and getting new ones, look for something special about the ones you have.

Nearly any piece of furniture has a small detail that makes it stand out. It might be a bird shape in a knot of wood, or a beautiful detail on a knob. By enhancing this detail and showcasing it, you can make an ordinary piece of furniture seem more interesting.

Likewise, if you’ve gone out of your way to get a sleek, modern piece of furniture because you like that piece, finding other pieces that go with it can create a cohesive aesthetic for your space.

How you decorate a space can have a big impact on the people who use that space. It can make a home more comfortable to be in, or an office more functional. A personalized space is a great start for any location.

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