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Who said only pictures go in frames?

In order to hang pictures on the wall you need a frame right? Well that’s not the only thing you can use a frame for. People are always looking for ways to add their own personal style to their living spaces. Frames come in all shapes, styles, textures and sizes. Frames with amazing character can add a new and unique twist to create a space that screams YOU! A clean line modern frame or a Victorian inspired ornate frame…there is a frame out there that expresses you. Frames are easy to come by in thrift stores and estate sales. A lot more can be done with great frames then just hanging family photos. You can create an amazing headboard to personalize your bedroom. If a headboard is a stretch for you, frame your monogram instead of putting it on your pillow. Frames can be mounted and placed as custom and unique molding for paneling under a chair rail. Displaying your best jewelry pieces has never been so easy and all the while creating artwork too! Sprucing up the familiar chalkboard for a more jazzy application is easier than you thought! Place a frame on the wall for each of your children to display their favorite art piece of the week. The possibilities with frames are endless! Thinking out the box is the key; Frames are not just for pictures. They are simply artwork by themselves.

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