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Natural Connections

Design connecting us to the natural world can be inspiring, productivity-boosting, and enhances our well-being. As we spend more time indoors working and learning remotely, Biophilic interior design is becoming more important to understand and move toward in these spaces. What is Biophilic interior design?? We are so glad that you asked! Biophilic design connects our inherent need to align with nature in the built environment. Like never before we are in need of spaces that inspire us and encourage a more productive routine. Creating spaces that bring the outdoors in and create interiors that replicate nature in both direct and indirect ways has become necessary.

Biophilic design is achievable in many ways. We are going to focus on four ways that you can easily apply to any spaces that you are currently using regularly.

Sunlight and Light – It is necessary that we connect with light in spaces daily, especially sunlight! Aiming to connect with sunlight everyday is best. For interior spaces, that could be orienting your furniture to optimize for as much sunlight to come in as possible. If you are working with a space that has no windows or minimal sunlight, opt for ample artificial light with LED daylight bulbs. You can trick your body into feeling exposed to lighting with the right interior lighting.

Plants – Ample foliage in interior spaces not only reduces stress but enhances cognitive functions. Real plants cleanse and improve the air in interior spaces. What if you are someone who struggles to keep real plants alive…no worries! Artificial plants can also trick your brain into feeling that you are connecting with the natural world. Some retail and office spaces have started to create green walls in their spaces, but not all of them are REAL plants. The look of the luscious greenery is able to connect you to the great outdoors.

Natural Materials – Natural materials in our interior environments can come in various forms. Stone, wood and brick are all-natural elements that connect us indirectly to nature. If you are dealing with a space that is entirely drywall then think about furniture pieces that you can add that will incorporate these natural elements. You can also think about adding wall coverings that have natural elements such as a faux grass cloth or a linen textured wall covering.

Views – Views directly to the outdoors help improve mood and outlook on daily tasks. Having access to views of nature can work wonders for your body and mind. If you do not have windows with a view, then connecting to your ideal view will also work. Strategically place large and beautiful artwork or outdoor scenes. Frame and mount photography of your favorite outdoor destinations and sunsets. Achieving the connection is the key!

Biophilic design from views of nature, natural light, greenery, natural air flow, water, and scents. Interior design and architecture that utilize these characteristics can create meaningful and functional spaces through the benefits of multi-sensory interactions that boost overall human well-being. This month we are going to be exploring practical ways to connect with the natural world in your spaces. Check out our IG LIVE videos every Wednesday at 6PM EST for practical tips for the week. We will also be showing some spaces that utilize biophilic design with tips on Instagram and Facebook.

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