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July is a month that people typically travel. Travel is at an all-time high in the summer months whether it be family vacations or for work. Traveling is not only a source of inspiration for creatives, but exposure to different cultures, food and surroundings provide inspiration and joy for all who experience it. This month’s design discussion is dedicated to discussing global design projects that inspire us at Desired Designs. These projects use design elements and principles in creative and unique ways. We chose different projects from different parts of the globe to focus on how design can look, feel and be different and yet still inspire.

South American Interior: Urban Cabin / Studio Marcio Michaluá | ArchDaily; Designers: Studio Marcio Michaluá

Scandinavian Interior: SAS Royal Hotel | Case | d line- Architect and designer: Arne Jacobsen

If you are interested in adding a little global influence in your spaces, take a look at our Look of the Month for July! Add the shopping list to your cart here.

This month we are going to discuss how the design of these amazing spaces inspire us. Check out our IG LIVE videos every Wednesday at 6PM EST for practical tips for the week. We will also be showing some design tips we discussed above on Instagram and Facebook.


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