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There have been many changes in both the work and home environment these past months. Companies are quickly making the adjustments needed to help keep their employees and customers safe. However, these changes have created some difficulties in the space planning of commercial buildings and their communal spaces. These communal spaces were designed to accommodate large groups of people and changing it to better suit our current situation has caused for immediate attention. We hope to help small businesses to explore ways they can quickly accommodate for even larger crowds especially during the holiday season.


First, you can add dividers between tables or workspaces for safety as well as a bit of privacy. Simple plexiglass dividers have been added in many commercial buildings but utilizing vendors that specialize in dividers can help customize your options to correlate with your branding! Dividers are a great way to add company branding that is both functional and eye catching. This solution can assist restaurant and office areas that require a lot of individual tables and groupings.


The second option you can consider and implement into your workspace is individual meeting nooks. These provide a secluded space for people to meet in privately without the need for an enclosed private room. Whether you need for acoustic properties or a branding aesthetic these can be used wherever. These nooks are enclosures for 1 or 2 people making them perfect for the current requirements needed in today’s commercial buildings. These small units can continue to be used even after the major threat of Covid-19 is gone.


Lastly, you can try going minimal! Popularity of this design style has increased recently, however the design style can be used for more than just its aesthetic. Minimalism involves adding space and minimizing clutter, which is exactly what the social distancing guidelines are calling for. Rather than adding onto the space you are removing all the extra accessories and seating, and instead spreading out a few key elements. This will help create the necessary space between the people functioning within the space.

If you are business looking for the items to help you create safe socially distant spaces, take a look at our Look of the Month for December! Add the shopping list to your cart here.

This month we are going to explore the practical ways businesses can continue to adjust and refine their spaces for social distancing. Check out our IG LIVE videos every Wednesday at 6PM EST for practical tips for the week. We will also be showing some spaces that utilize the gathering design tips we discussed above on Instagram and Facebook.


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